What are people saying about Keynote Speaker Karwanna D

Just signed the paperwork finalizing the government contract that my company was awarded! I started this program in Nov, landed my 1st contract in Jan and already signing another one that’s 12 months long. Just like that, I went from homelessness on government assistance, to government employee, to government contracting for my own business. Thank you so much Karwanna for believing in me. You’re the best!

Sharita Humphrey

And, finally, but certainly not least, Secret Miracles Unlimited, LLC is officially certified as a Government Contractor, physical location secured (because I wanted a specific location in a quiet location) and 1st contract with Davis Transport Solutions in Trucking Administration landed!! Thank you to the BEST Government Contract Coach …. Karwanna Dyson 😍 … Government Contracts for Women and Minority Business!

Latoya Griffin

“I’ve landed me a contract 8  weeks out form my  prosthetic wigs. Thank you Karwanna for sharing this strategy with small business owners like me.”

Sharonda (Rincon, CA)

“I was awarded my first government contract for a school out in Texas for my college & career readiness software. Thank you Karwanna!

Shawntia (Live Oak, FL)

Thanks again for taking out the time and sharing with us because like you said some don’t. Enjoyed it!

Dee Brown

The webinar was so refreshing. You really motivated me to get up and start what I need to start. Fear is not an option for me no more!! Thank you so much and I’ll be contacting you really soon. AWESOME JOB!!

Katera Z Hawkins

We had our first PTAC meeting with our PTAC specialist, Mr. Joe Moore. He said we did a great job in preparing for contract bidding. We owe it all to Karwanna Dyson. Thank you Karwanna

Lisa Aziz

Thanks To Our Wonderful Coach Karwanna D! My New Woman Owned Business Is Moving Right Along!

Selice Zooper

OMG, FINALLY got my DGS Cert today – SB Micro & SB-PW
AND, I did connect with my local PTAC officer and she walked me through all the FREE resources. It’s A LOT of information but I’m excited to reignite this process. i started this class in January, LOL!!!

Raynelle Rino-Southon

Screenshot of my ‘Active’ status in certify.SBA.gov The system will not let me generate the certificate.

Phyllis Wilson

lam straight busting at the seems I can finally tell everyone now that the bag is sealed…MooCow Productions ( you know my video productions company) has just been awarded its first governmental contract. I just thank the Lord for his timing and people placement in my life. I learned how to get these governmental contracts from Karwanna Dyson!! If you are a small business hit her up…take that class.. and tap into this governmental money!!
They paying yall!! Dont sleep!!

Tiffany Cowan

Just waned to share this with y’all because I’m excited and I can’t share on my Facebook page (they wouldn’t understand) But I came across and opportunity in Columbus, Ohio but I’m based out of Providence, RI and wasn’t sure if I could submit a proposal because it required a Compliance # from Columbus. Karwanna told me to give it a shot and apply for it. ! did and got the approval this morning!! I’m now working on submitting my first proposal for a 6 figure contract since training ended last month. I’ll never stop saying this. This training is EVERYTHING!

Nikki Cunningham, Providence, RI

I’m a major contractor my first contract was a million dollars. and I’m always happy to us have our own business!

Pearlie Lyons

Okay everyone. We are IN THIS THING! Covid’9 is not going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s also add the civil unrest, I know folks have needed a break I get that a LOT of emotional energy is spent day to day with EVERYTHING that is going on. But, naw is the time. Now is the time that we get back on track and focus on building, pivoting, or creating.
What do | mean?
Either continue to build on what you are doing. Pivot and change course Or… create something totally new and exciting, We have to adjust to whatever the new normal is going to be.

We CAN get ahead.

posted a live from Karwanna Dysen in our group earlier today. I strongly suggest you watch it Let me tell you.. I MAKE 6 FIGURES DUE TO

What I make speaking, consulting and private pay clients…is gravy an I can guide you on government contracts… BUT WHY when we have an expert in our midsts. So. I suggest you watch the video and really think about what you can
do to get your part of government $4Trillion.

Angela Kenzslowe

We have an awesome instructor! | went toa WOSB/EDWOSB seminar at SBA in San Francisco. | was so prepared from working with Karwanna Dyson that | was answering all the questions. They were so impressed with me, they said | need to come work for them, basically offering me a job!!! THANK YOU TO OUR FIERCE INSTRUCTOR!!! GO KARWANNA!

LaTonia Mason

I just left a pre-certification workshop and EVERYTHING that Karwanna teaches and shares with us is 100% accurate. Also | found out the easiest certification to get and the most beneficial one to me is the MSDC. However, I’m getting everything | can! They also said getting
contracts is60% networking. If no one knows your chances are slim that you won’t get that contract.
Again thanks again for sharing this priceless information!!!

Cj Smiley

Thanks, Karwanna Dyson for sharing your valuable information with us today | really appreciate what your doing and the way you are giving back to the community.| pray favor and double financial blessings to you…Keep doing what you do and | will see you at the top

Curtis Thomas

Getting Certified! Thank you Karwanna Dyson

Katrina Martin

My uncle is a multimillionaire from government contracts! He also provides internet Wi-Fi service for airports such as Miami, Atlanta, and LA. He has never taught any of my family on how to do this type of ..


Hopped on GovCon 3 yrs ago and stopped begging consumers to buy my services (facility maintenance). 1st contract was $137k for flooring, 2nd contract was 5 figures for janitorial. Haven’t looked back since!