Karwanna D is the Founder of the She’s Got Goals Academy, a company that empowers the masses to not just Win but Dominate in business! Karwanna  is a Government Contracts Strategist, Influence Expert known as the Powerful Leader transforming lives and Author of 10 Habits of The Highly Effective Entrepreneur.  This 20-year Business Vet, recipient of the SBDC Women in Business Grant National Speaker & Business Leader, and former TV Host on SF Commons TV, now uses her training and experience to lead thousands to their victory by leveraging their business as a wealth generating vehicle to live out dreams they never thought was possible in life and in business.

Karwanna D, is a Certified  Business Coach turned Government Contracts Strategist. She’s a successful Entrepreneur, Author and a Fiery Motivational Speaker. Karwanna has a fierce focus and determination of helping other minority business owners unleash their greatest potential to achieve their business goals so that they can build a lasting legacy business.

Karwanna is a master in empowering small business owners to grow profitable businesses so they can have successful and sustainable businesses with consistent income by revealing the biggest kept business secrets of government contracts.

She has been featured on many platforms including CBS, NBC, FOX, Star Tribune Business, SBA SBDC and more, where she has helped many to gain clarity of vision and take charge of their success.

Karwanna is the CEO of She’s Got Goals LLC, a consulting firm for the empowerment of women entrepreneur. Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Science in Business.

With over 15 years of experience in business, Karwanna. stands out as extremely knowledgeable, and she passionately shares her wealth of knowledge to help set your success in motion.

You will learn first-hand her secrets of establishing a successful business and benefit from her willingness to teach you how to start and grow a profitable small business, as well as how to capitalize on government contracts.

Most importantly, Karwanna will help you to shape the right mindset for wealth creation, setting goals, getting motivated to follow your dreams, write your story, and building your own legacy.

Karwanna has been a keynote speaker for many workshops, speaking series and small business networking events, teaching wealth creation through entrepreneurship. She has helped numerous women entrepreneurs to achieve self-sufficiency by starting their businesses strategically and officially positioning their business to land multiple large 5-6 figure contracts selling their services to government agencies.

Not only can she. teach you how to start a business but also how to live life more purposefully, and as she puts it, “Live Life by Design, Not by Default.”

Karwanna has enjoyed the successes and gratification of coaching struggling small business owners that have had an idea but lacked a clear goal or the motivation to start, rediscover their potential and pursue their vision.

She believes that sometimes all you need is a little help to see the boundless capabilities you have within you so that you can bring those qualities to the forefront and stand boldly in your purpose.

Providing step by step guidance on how to leverage your business as a pathway to closing the wealth gaps, she has created a movement of financial power by showing other women entrepreneurs how to land one of the largest clients in the US and that’s the U.S. Government.

Karwanna’s mission is to empower and nurture a million women and minority small business owners nationally through government contracts to achieve a steady source of income and breed prosperity for their families.

Anybody can do it. You just have to know how and Karwanna is the bridge to helping you get there.